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One Cobble at a Time

I have too many events in the next two weeks

Sandra Tayler's Journal

responsible woman

A cobble by itself is just a small stone, but when many of them lay together they create a path . My life is made up of many discrete parts. I have to find ways to fit them all into place so that I can continue to journey where I desire to go. This journal records some of the cobbles that create my path.

I have too many events in the next two weeks

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responsible woman

These are my things, not all of my things, because I know I am forgetting some of them. I’m pretty sure the kid leaving junior high also has some things, but I haven’t seen that list of events, so I don’t know what they are or where they fit.
Also missing from the list: me collapsing because my brain has frizzled out from trying to track all of it. I do not recommend having three children graduating from their schools the same year. Particularly if you have also agreed to ship 30,000 coins.

May 17
Help child assemble and decorate a rocket
help child prepare 5 homemade items for trading post, must be cool enough that other kids want them.
help child put on trader costume for trading post
deliver books and merch for transport to Phoenix Comic Con
possible coin delivery today
Do not attend trading post nor volunteer to help with it despite multiple emails asking for said help.
Figure out how to relocate old couch
accept delivery of new couch
Must remember to make business phone calls and emails
Continue re-installing software and discovering what data I lost because of the death of my hard drive. (Report on this in a blog post sometime next week.)
Acquire gift for child’s birthday party
Deliver child to friend’s birthday party

May 18
Weed whack before the wilds begin to be inhabited
clear the garden patch
plant tomatoes and basil so they have a chance to bear fruit by end of summer
clean the house
do the laundry

May 19
Scout meeting
Seminary graduation for oldest child

May 20
Accounting (including the re-creation of data from paper info because I had to restore from back ups.)
communicate with coin shipping volunteers about schedule (hopefully by then I’ll know something concrete)
Organize house for coin shipping
Do not attend child’s rocket launch at school. Hope it goes well
Help child finish up construction on last major assignment
Make sure kids have opera costumes
Start work on Tub of Happiness reprint

May 21
Attend opera performances for two 20-minute long operas for two kids
Admire all the opera scenery I did not help paint and the costumes I did not help construct despite the many emails asking for volunteers
Probably assemble coins into bundles, if we have coins. If not, organize invoices and plan

May 22
Senior sluff day
Elementary school 3K fun run, must remember to send water bottles and make sure they dress appropriately
Do not attend nor participate in the run despite the many notes of invitation
run the errands
Maybe shipping coins
Pack Howard for a convention
remember to send kids to youth activities

May 23
Drive Howard to airport
Attend 6th grade graduation
Attend 6th grade celebratory BBQ lunch
Admire all the food and effort to which I did not contribute despite the emails asking for volunteers
Orthodontic appointment
Attend honors night for high school senior
Maybe shipping coins

May 24
6th grade class auction. Remember to send one item to be auctioned, must be cool.
Remember to send the mummy chicken to school so that it can be unveiled on schedule.
Deliver art to CONduit for art show
Probable deliver of the remaining thousands of coins
Maybe shipping coins

May 25
Possibly attend CONduit for part of the day
Maybe stay home and clean all the things

May 26
Retrieve art from CONduit

May 27
No school
Pick up Howard from airport
Maybe coin shipping prep

May 28
Elementary school dance festival. Make sure kids wear their costumes
Clap for the dancing children
Maybe shipping coins

May 29
Field day at the elementary school.
Do not volunteer for anything despite the emails asking for volunteers
Maybe shipping coins

May 30
Last day of school
High school graduation
Senior overnighter

After that there is more stuff. I’ll think about it when I either get all of this stuff right or recover from failing at it.

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  • It is rather terrifying how your list crammed full of Stuff To Do has yet more Stuff Not to Volunteer To Do. Yikes! D:

    Also, I am way behind on my friends list. I hope everything's been going well so far!
    • Things are proceeding well. I packaged your order today. It'll be going into the mail tomorrow.
      • Squeee! I wasn't going to ask but I'm glad I won't have to wait 'til after the con. :D
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