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One Cobble at a Time

Tired day.

Sandra Tayler's Journal

responsible woman

A cobble by itself is just a small stone, but when many of them lay together they create a path . My life is made up of many discrete parts. I have to find ways to fit them all into place so that I can continue to journey where I desire to go. This journal records some of the cobbles that create my path.

Tired day.

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responsible woman

I am too tired to be reliably using the internet tonight, as evidenced by mis-sending an email and the number of typos I’m having to correct. It is probably also evident in the number of tweets I think of writing which are not actually all that clever, but which feel clever because I am tired. Also redundant, or repetitive, one of the two.

Why am I tired? My brain would not go to sleep last night. So at two a.m. I wandered to the kitchen where I discovered that there was a dead mouse smell emanating from my silverware drawer. Not the smell I want on my spoons. So I cleaned all the things, but did not find the source. Then I got up and traversed a day full of dance festival, invoice sorting, package processing, carpools, and retrieving Howard from the airport. It has been a good day, though the very tired part of my day is just waiting for me to let my guard down so it can flood me with discouragement. I’m too tired to keep my guard up much longer, time to sleep. Tomorrow I can get rid of the smell and do all my other things.

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