sandratayler (sandratayler) wrote,

Hurray! Girl Genius won the Hugo.

I was not nervous about the Hugo ceremony until Howard and I arrived at the rehearsal. Somehow being in the room with the lights and the tech crew scurrying around really brought home the possibility that was in front of us. Then we saw the Hugo unveiled and it was beautiful. We walked into the theater and both Howard and I were full of jitters. I couldn't even sort out what I was feeling. I'd thought that I was reconciled to losing because Joss Whedon was in the category, but I found that all the what-if possibilities clouded my brain. I alternated between picturing Howard winning and soothing my nerves by assuring myself that surely Joss would win. When they announced that Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio had won the award, all of the jittery possibilities vanished and I was left with relief and Joy. It was such a relief that Howard did not win. It would have felt wrong for Howard to get this award before Phil and Kaja. They have been doing this for so much longer than we have. Their story is fantastic and their art is beautiful.

Phil and Kaja are not here. In fact, they were so sure that Joss would win, that they did not even send acceptance speeches. The award acceptors created speeches for them. I remember last year when Phil did not will the Best Professional Artist award. Both Phil and Kaja radiated disappointment, and yet they were wonderful and gracious to everyone around them. We sat with them and laughed while Howard and Phil tossed jokes. I rejoice for them because I know how happy they are going to be when they hear the news.

Howard feels the same way that I do. We are both honestly happy and relieved that Girl Genius won. Hurray for Girl Genius.
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